Thursday, March 10, 2011

Traditional Taiwanese Festival Schedule, 2011

This is a list of all the traditional Taiwanese festivals I know of with their Western calendar dates for 2011. I've starred festivals that I've been to and know are worth checking out. I can't vouch for festivals I haven't starred. The festivals and their lunar calendar dates were drawn from the Rough Guide for Taiwan. Note that I can't vouch for all these dates- I got the names and lunar dates from Rough Guide but have already found one error. Also it's possible that the actual festival will be held on a day other than the official date. Best policy is to call the local tourism office ahead of time.

Date Festival
4/5 Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven's Birthday
*4/16 Baosheng Dadi's Birthday (Bao'an Temple, Taipei)
4/25 Mazu's Birthday (Dajia, Beigang, Lugang)
5/10 Cleansing the Buddha
5/22 Tainan City God's Birthday (Tainan)
5/28 Shennong Dadi's Birthday (Bao'an Temple)
*6/6 Dragon Boat Festival
6/14 Guan Di's Birthday
*6/14 Dadaocheng City God's Birthday (Xiahai Temple, Taipei)
7/31 Ghost Month Begins
*8/14 Pudu (Keelung)
8/17 Queen Mother of the West's Birthday
*8/19 Yimin (God Pig) Festival (Hsinchu)
8/29 Ghost Month Ends (Toucheng)
8/29 Dizang Wang's Birthday (Jiayi)
*11/17 Qingshan Wang's Birthday (Qingshan Temple, Taipei)
11/21 Liao Tianding Festival (Bali)

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