Friday, October 28, 2011

More Sanchong Sidewalk Wars

Some Xinbei politicians are worrying that there aren't enough parking spaces near two soon-to-open Xinzhuang Line MRT stations, Cailiao and Taipei Bridge. These stations are in Sanchong's downtown, probably one of the densest- and therefore most conducive to walking- places in the Taipei Basin. If one of the benefits of an MRT system is that it stops people from driving, why should the government subsidize driving by providing parking? The complaining politicians in the article claim that without "enough" parking spaces scooters will clog up all the alleys and sidewalks, but in a dense city there will never be enough free parking spaces. Once again the real problem is an assumption that the government must make driving easier, no matter the cost, and despite supposed concerns about global warming.

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