Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photos from the King of Qingshan Festival

The King of Qingshan Festival (青山王祭, Qingshan Wang Ji) is one of the biggest traditional Taiwanese temple festivals in northern Taiwan. The centerpiece of these festivals are parades that feature lion and dragon dances, traditional drum and suona troupes, folk dancers, martial arts, idols from neighboring temples and a lot of explosives. I visited the grand finale of the Qingshan Festival last week; below are some of the photos I took. Overall this was one of the better temple festivals I've been to, with some particularly good drumming performances, martial artists and huge pile of explosives.
I've also added some photos from the 2009 festival.

Small idols await the King of Qingshan's procession (taken in front of the King of Hell Temple).

In the zone.

And a couple photos from '09, taken in front of Longshan Temple:

The bajiajiang (八家將) and 七爺八爺 (the tall god-puppets) in these pictures are all entering Longshan Temple to pay respects to Guanyin, the primary deity there.

You can view more of my King of Qingshan Festival photos here.
Also, Laorencha has photos (and a video!) here and his backstory here.

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